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A day after YouTube said it became once taking a gape into “extra penalties” for influencer Logan Paul, Polygon is reporting that the provider will doubtless be placing off him from its Google Most in vogue ad program and is shelving Paul’s upcoming YouTube Red customary video initiatives.

The news comes within the aftermath of the firm’s promise to peep into “extra penalties” for Paul following his filming of a boring body in Japan’s Aokigahara wooded space, sparking gigantic outcry. Even supposing Paul later took down the video and released several apologies for his actions, many felt that YouTube’s preliminary response became once inadequate.

The firm initially spoke back with a lukewarm assertion about how the firm “prohibits violent or gory dispute,” that didn’t straight contend with the area at hand. The firm later confirmed that it had issued a strike in opposition to Paul’s channel, however it restful took over a week before the day prior to this’s birth letter from YouTube at edifying acknowledged the problematic video head on.

In step with Polygon, a YouTube representative has confirmed that “in light of newest events,” Paul’s channels will doubtless be eliminated from the stop-tier Google Most in vogue ad program, he’ll no longer seem in season Four of the YouTube series Foursome, and and his upcoming YouTube Red movie The Thinning: Unique World Say is now on non-public.

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