Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 18th April 2017 full episode written update: Gagan and Chandan’s mother want to kill Adi

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 18th April 2017 full episode written update: Ishita feels Adi is in some big trouble.

The episode starts at the Khandpur village where Gagan is grieving on his brother Chandan’s dead body and holds Adi responsible for his death. Adi tries hard to prove his innocence, but Gagan is not in a position to hear anything. He shouts and says he will take revenge by killing him. Adi gets scared and he runs away to the guest house to pick his stuff and leave the village.

There, Ishita is worried about Adi. She has the feeling that Adi is in some big trouble. Raman says that if the pandit has predicted that Adi will face a trouble then he also has predicted that Adi’s lucky mascot, Aaliya will save him. They should not feel worried for Adi. Ishita says that she still wants to know whether he is fine or not. Ishita calls Adi, Adi is in the guest house. He hurriedly answers Ishita’s call, but doesn’t tell her about the life threat he got from the villagers. Ishita somehow, feels that Adi is in some danger. She forces Raman to take her to the Khandpur village.

Adi hides himself from the villagers. Gagan, Ashok Khanna and the villagers are chasing Adi everywhere, with sticks and guns in their hands. They finally find him hiding in an old building. Gagan pulls him out and everyone starts beating him brutally. Their plan is to kill him. Adi wants to explain himself, but they just want to kill him and take revenge. Ashok provokes them to end Adi’s life. Just then, Chandan’s mother comes there and asks the men to stop beating Adi. She says that they should first cremate Chandan and then they will together punish Adi.

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Ishita is trying Adi’s number. She gets worried when he doesn’t pick up the calls. She calls the caretaker and checks about Adi. Ashok comes there and threatens the caretaker not to tell anything to Adi’s parents. The caretaker tells Ishita that Adi is attending Chandan’s marriage. Ishita asks him to inform Adi that his parents will be reaching Khandpur village in a few hours. Ashok calls someone to stop Raman and Ishita from coming to the village as he fears that Raman will save Adi. Ashok has placed his men near the village road. His men put the barricade and stop Raman’s car. They lie to Raman and Ishita that the whole highway road is dug up and they can only use the road in the morning.

Gagan is about to kill Adi, but his mother comes and says that she will take revenge from Adi. She points the gun towards Adi. Adi pleads to her and tells her about how Chandan met with an accident. But, she is still eager to take Adi’s life.