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Almost three years after their debut album Communion dropped in 2015, Years & Years roared help in March with the brave, declarative “Sanctify.” It arrived with a dystopian, very Blade Runner-impressed song video that came upon singer Olly Alexander assuming the aim of a younger android on the hunt for humans.

Now, section two of that myth — known as Palo Santo, the name of the neighborhood’s coming near near 2d LP — is here. Or no longer it’s known as “If You’re Over Me,” and its video every other time finds Alexander wriggling, contorting, and bending himself for an target audience. This clip, though, is extra about the dynamics of what happens between those performances.

The aim dressing and costuming here is extra special and helps to promote the video’s myth of confusion and frustration because it pertains to intimacy and romance. And obviously, the tune itself tackles that feeling of no longer wanting any individual to stay round if you occur to could maybe well perchance also in actual fact feel them slipping away.

The wedding of those two ideas is all viewed via Alexander, who anchors the clip with a gigantic quantity of shapely dance routines and a penchant for charming along with his wounded expressions. Take a look at out your complete glitzy drama within the clip above.

Palo Santo is due for release on July 6. Unless then, most likely we can inaugurate brainstorming about what’s going to occur in section three of the Palo Santo saga.

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