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“Why on earth would you ever be apprehensive of me?” Dolores (Evan Rachel Picket) asks Bernard (Jeffrey Wright) within the final seconds of the newly launched Westworld Season 2 trailer. There is a flicker of madness in her in another case cheery disposition — a glitch, for these that can — and it leaves you feeling completely unsettled by what’s to return within the aftermath of the violent ends that shook Westworld to its core.

If this trailer is one thing to head by, then the predicted second season finds Dolores and her host rebellion leaving bloodshed all around the assign they jog, whereas the Man in Dark (Ed Harris) revels within the very-unswerving stakes of the game. “I am gonna burn this full element to the ground,” he says ominously, his words juxtaposed with an image of him strolling in opposition to a door on the side of the mountain. Is this the heart of the Maze? Meanwhile, Maeve (Thandie Newton) is tranquil having a gape for her daughter — and she’ll accept one thing, even use a existence, to search out her.

The Season 2 trailer also delivers our first gape on the original park hinted at within the Season 1 finale: Shogun World. There is a samurai leader along with his troops, a geisha, and Maeve wearing a kimono.

However perchance doubtless to power followers wild is the image of Dolores in fresh apparel and watching out at a fresh skyline. Seeing as Westworld loves to manipulate all fragments of time, dreams, and reminiscence, this would possibly perchance perchance appropriate be one other glitch in Dolores’s consciousness — or it will doubtless be an fully original host. In a blink-and-you are going to-omit-it frame from the trailer, Tessa Thompson’s Charlotte is viewed standing in a room pudgy of Bernards, suggesting that there can also honest be more than one Dolores available, too.

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And all of this drama is bother to a haunting orchestral masks of Nirvana’s “Coronary heart-Fashioned Field” thanks to direction it’s a long way!

Westworld returns April 22 on HBO.

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