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Java INtegrated Query in parlance with LINQ is an ultra minimalistic library for Java impressed from and mimicking the .NET LINQ. While LINQ is a language fabricate, JINQ is peaceable of kinds – classes and methods, nonetheless to the identical produce.

JINQ helps you to rewrite extinct and nested loop essentially based totally files processing code into search files from oriented and highly readable code.

Here is a conventional loop essentially based totally files processing code:

ListProductDisplayInfo> getDisplayList(Product[] products) {
	ListProductDisplayInfo> pdiList = new ArrayList();

	for (int index = zero; index  products.size; ++index) {
		Product p = products[index];

		if (product.getCategory() == 2 || product.getCategory() == 5) {
			boolean sure = isProductUnderDiscount(product);

			if (!sure) {
				ProductDisplayInfo pdi = new ProductDisplayInfo();
				// no matter that you must populate pdi with ...


	return pdiList;

Here is a C# LINQ snippet:

var search files from = from p in products
	the build p.getCategory == 2 || p.getCategory == 5 && isProductUnderDiscount(p)
	purchase out new ProductDisplayInfo(p);

var pdiList = search files from.ToList();

Here is JINQ in action:

last IterableProductDisplayInfo> search files from = new Enumerable(products)
	.the build(p -> p.getCategory == 2 || p.getCategory == 5 && isProductUnderDiscount(p))
	.purchase out(p -> { new ProductDisplayInfo(p); } ); // or purchase out(ProductDisplayInfo::new);

last ListProductDisplayInfo> pdiList = search files from.toList();


for (ProductDisplayInfo pdi : pdiList) {

Elaboration of JINQ is in development. Till then you definately could maybe furthermore strive the linked weblog post.

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