Uk Pedicure Tools For Perfect Nails

All women know how toenails can look flawless! With just the right pedicure on time, our feet and tiny toes transform wonderfully and look stunning. But have you ever wondered, what professional pedicure tools the beauticians use and what are they meant for.With the beauty industry evolving at such lightning speed, a wide variety of grooming products are now available in the market. The range is so vast; it can get very confusing, if you don’t know what you are looking for.


To make you aware of all the pedicure tools names and their uses, I have listed the best pedicure tools for you. Grab a look and enrich yourself with the all the knowledge you need before you pick up the best pedicure tools for yourself. Check Them Out!

1. The Perfect Polish

Uk Pedicure Tools For Perfect Nails

Always have a nail polish shade that goes well with all your outfits. A neutral shade is the best one to opt for. Use one from renowned brands like Mac, Revlon and Lakme as they are long lasting. Neutral shades can hide those smudges and doesn’t make those chips evident, once the paint starts fading away! You can have beautiful looking nails for days together!

2. The Fabulous Filer

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The filer plays a major role to give you flawless and fabulous nails. There are a variety of filers available in the market, but I would suggest that you always pick a Glass Nail File. It is easy to use and can file away those difficult ingrown nails with ease. You can jag those edges comfortably and quickly.

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3. The Cuticle Remover Tool

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Before using a cuticle remover tool, always use a cuticle removal cream. Apply the cream over the cuticles at the edges, and massage it gently. After a few minutes, take the tool and push the cuticles back and remove them gently. Always sanitise your tool before and after using it.

4. The Pumice Stone

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Finding a good pumice stone is very important. It plays a very important role in the complete pedicure procedure, so one should get the best one available. Pumice stones form naturally. But now, there are a lot of replicas available in the market. But that shouldn’t worry you; both natural and artificial pumice stones are equally good and serve the purpose. Always scrub your heels with a pumice stone to exfoliate your heels and to keep that dead skin away.

5.The Foot Massager

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This is the most important among the electric pedicure tools present in the market. It is definitely a must-have for every woman at home. This equipment helps detoxifying and massaging those sensitive areas which deserve and require special care. So instead of dipping your leg in the tub, you can have it dipped in a foot massager and enjoy a salon style massage at home thoroughly.