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Season 2 of Westworld formally premieres on HBO Sunday, April 22, but Tribeca Movie Competition attendees received a sneak preview of the premiere episode on Thursday night. Following the screening, Westworld stars Evan Rachel Wooden, James Marsden, Thandie Newton, and Jeffrey Wright took the stage alongside sequence creators Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Pleasure to preview the upcoming season. The dialogue did now not point of interest on the specifics of the first episode (so don’t pains about spoilers!) but rather the final arc of season 2, as properly as the actors’ on the help of-the-scenes trip. Listed below are 5 issues we realized.

Delos’ data series sounds acquainted…

The scope of season 2 expands widely, going far on the help of the contours of the Westworld park to the interior workings of parent company, Delos, itself. In season 1, viewers noticed Delos executive director Charlotte Hale (Tessa Thompson) emphasize the significance of the corporate’s mental property — in sigh, the entire data they’ve gathered on park guests over the years. Season 2 will proceed to discover Delos’ shady data series practices — a timely story line as staunch-life Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg has attain under fire from Congress after the Cambridge Analytica scandal.

On the Tribeca panel, Nolan drew an sigh connection between Delos and staunch-life tech companies.

“An modern and unhealthy conception that emerged over the last 10 years is that an organization will have an ostensible cause for the person, and a fully diverse cause for the shareholder,” Nolan acknowledged. “Google is one big instance; Facebook is one other. Facebook is ostensibly a mode for you to connect with people, but that’s no longer their enterprise in any appreciate. Their enterprise is to promote you shit and browse your thoughts. It appears to be like you’re the product. No longer coincidentally, these two corporations (Google and Facebook) are also the main traders in AI. So as that felt seriously relevant to our point to. It’s a cynical enterprise model, and it lends itself to delectable reinterpretation on our point to.”

Nudity for story, no longer thrills

Unsurprising for an HBO drama, season 1 of Westworld had slightly a few nudity — most on the final, every time one among the hosts became as soon as called far from their responsibilities to provide a diagnosis listing to behavior chief Bernard Lowe (Wright) or park founder Robert Ford (Anthony Hopkins). There might perhaps be contrivance much less nudity in season 2, and Pleasure defined how the replace is superior as rooted in story as the distinctive nudity became as soon as.

“Filming a nude scene is difficult and complicated, because these are mates and also mates, and I label how inclined that makes people,” Pleasure acknowledged. “We were very upfront relating to the nudity from the originate, and attempting to talk with all our actors [about] no longer handiest why it became as soon as within the script, but to boot the safeguards we would have on put of abode by formula of attempting to guard them as extra special as that you might perhaps perhaps perhaps presumably presumably imagine. We talked to those that might perhaps perhaps presumably presumably be within the scenes with them about being careful. It’s a inclined put of abode. In both our filming and our cutting, we’re no longer lingering on facets that aren’t a must-must the story. What’s a must-must the story is that feeling of both perfection and tragedy. They’re sitting there, actually being objectified, treated as objects to be operated on and talked about whereas they’re ideal there within the room. So you on the final know what you’re asking, and the extensive trust it takes for actors to head there with you. It’s an a must-have section of the story, and it’s guided by what the characters are doing. So yeah, when the hosts accumulate energy, they’re no longer gonna spend slightly a few time naked on a stool.”

Newton elaborated further with her have trip filming one among her nude scenes in season 1, and how Nolan and Pleasure worked to build up her safe and delighted. Her character, Maeve, spent slightly a few time naked in season 1, since her belief to flee the park necessitated her to thrill in loss of life and transferring objects on the help of the scenes, but Maeve is on a diverse mosey this time around.

“I be aware reading the script for episode 1 and being love, ‘I’m carrying dresses! I’m no longer handiest carrying dresses, I accumulate diverse dresses to avoid wasting on. I’ve received one other costume!’ So I went to Lisa and became as soon as love ‘I’m no longer naked,’ and she became as soon as love, ‘Why the hell would Maeve must accumulate naked yet one more time?’” Newton acknowledged. “I be aware one among the first sequences of nudity from season 1 — the scene where Maeve wakes up from the operation and her belly’s hanging out and she runs by technique of this tremendous condominium — and it’s horrifying. Jonah became as soon as shooting it, and I be aware we did a bag, and he rushed out from on the help of the digicam and knowledgeable every person to flip around and received me a robe. The director! He wouldn’t even spy at me, he became as soon as superior attempting to files the robe to me. I superior wanted to shout, because I’ve by no formula ever been treated love that whereas nude, and I’ve been nude or semi-nude loads for motion photographs. It took me a 2nd to enhance myself and carry on. I became as soon as treated that formula each single day I became as soon as nude, and it started with this man and this girl. It became as soon as a revelation to me. The grace and sensitivity… on the one hand, I became as soon as so appreciative, and on the quite a complete lot of hand, I became as soon as nervous at what I’d been by technique of up except then. I had delayed dread.”

The making of Shogun World

One in all doubtlessly the most tasty facets of Westworld season 2 is the likelihood of exploring diverse parks with diverse issues. The samurai-inflected Shogun World became as soon as first glimpsed within the season 1 finale and has a extra special bigger characteristic in season 2. On the panel, Nolan defined the influences that went into setting up Shogun World.

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“We knew we were gonna originate with a Western, and after a determined point, we’d be limitless in where you might perhaps perhaps perhaps presumably presumably presumably bag the story,” Nolan acknowledged. “I discovered that ugly, but incredibly titillating, because one among the issues the purpose to is set is storytelling. We imagined that Anthony Hopkins’ character’s relationship to narrative became as soon as same to our have. He wouldn’t have tried to build up a realistic Western with fetishistic ingredient; he would must accumulate a John Ford movie or a Sergio Leone movie. Going into subsequent seasons, it became as soon as delectable to train what we might perhaps perhaps presumably presumably produce with diverse filmmakers in diverse genres. When I became as soon as a baby rising up, I watched Sergio Leone motion photographs on London weekend television. When I watched Akira Kurosawa motion photographs, I started to see they were roughly same. Leone’s motion photographs owed loads to Kurosawa, and Vital person Wars owed loads to Kurosawa. It became as soon as love finding a basic level of code: “Oh s—, all these filmmakers have watched this man’s motion photographs.” That became as soon as a delectable conception to play with. The impart of coming into one other season allowed us to no longer superior fabricate diverse worlds but pay homage to diverse filmmakers: exercise the identical film stocks they shot on, murder a same coloration palette. For Shogun World, we brought out a full Jap solid and Jap stunt choreographers.”

Discovering the thread between Dolores and Wyatt

All at some stage in season 1, more than one characters saved teasing the appearance of “Wyatt,” a mysterious character who sounded love the final inferior man amongst the park’s hosts. Within the finale, viewers realized that Wyatt became as soon as in truth a subpersonality of Dolores (Wooden), before all the issues positioned into her by her creator, Arnold, so that she would wreck him. The Wyatt character came help in a gigantic formula within the final moments of season 1, as Dolores killed Arnold’s oldschool accomplice Ford and ignited a robot revolution in Westworld. As season 2 begins, Dolores is aloof on the forefront of the host uprising, but Wooden admitted her impart this season became as soon as to in finding the connection between Dolores, Wyatt, and her correct self.

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“I didn’t in truth know who my character became as soon as for season 2,” Wooden acknowledged. “There became as soon as this character Wyatt talked about in hushed tones, and then within the finale, it became as soon as love, ‘Ooh, I’m eventually Wyatt! Wait, who is that?’ So I met with Jonah and Lisa before all the issues of this season and became as soon as love, ‘Who’s he?’ And so they were love, ‘You know, Wyatt’s a lady’s title too.’ So who is she? Jonah acknowledged there’s by no formula been a character love her prior to. So we constructed her from the ground up. We found this original version of her superior by doing. I be aware showing up for the first day of shooting being love, ‘I originate no longer have any conception who I’m playing or what I’m presupposed to be doing anymore.’ We would strive diverse issues after we might perhaps perhaps presumably presumably and fiddle with diverse stages: How extra special of the oldschool Dolores might perhaps perhaps presumably presumably aloof be there, how extra special of Wyatt might perhaps perhaps presumably presumably aloof be there, how extra special of the accent might perhaps perhaps presumably presumably aloof be there? We made these diverse rules for her about who would be the dominant character in diverse scenarios with diverse people. It became as soon as a trial and error, and I mediate we found this in truth tremendous groove that merged all three. Nonetheless it became as soon as surely a impart.”

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Robot relationship issues

Unprejudiced ol’ Teddy (Marsden) is aloof at Dolores’ aspect within the original season, but they’ve attain a prolonged formula from their origins as the cute couple of Sweetwater. Teddy aloof wants the idyllic life they’ve continuously dreamed of, but Dolores now has her sights put of abode extra special bigger.

“He is sure to her with mighty cables, and they also sprint past what might perhaps perhaps presumably presumably ever be written for them,” Marsden acknowledged. “Nonetheless she’s modified. It’s scorching for a 2nd, but then it be vital to stay alive.”

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Wooden admitted that she and Marsden had fun on put of abode joking about how their relationship dynamic might perhaps perhaps presumably presumably replace now that Dolores is Wyatt (“I won’t sprint into the jokes we acknowledged”) and how sentient robots cope with age-oldschool care for issues.

“What I in truth love about their storyline this season is that they’re going by technique of this revolution, and they also’re awakening to this dream that’s in truth a nightmare, and they also’re aloof having the identical relationship issues that any of us have, which is can you handle your accomplice altering? Or feeling that you’ve been compelled to replace?” Wooden acknowledged. “How can this care for continue to exist evolution and this original local climate of conflict? How extra special of it is programming and how extra special of it is staunch? We’ll seek more of that in season 2.”

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