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A profession in “enterprise” is huge enough that it would imply blooming about one thing else. A total bunch, if now not 1000’s of jobs, also can additionally be labeled as “enterprise” associated work ranging from being an accountant to a chief medical officer.

We analyzed recordsdata from Priceonomics customer Industry, an organization that has created an index of 127 “enterprise” careers, the win they phrase the common salaries and how they vary by enviornment. Whereas these jobs are in no plan comprehensive of all jobs in enterprise, they comprise a representative index of enterprise careers and their salaries, that we call the “Industry Jobs Index.”

So what are the highest and lowest paying jobs in our index? Which cities possess highest paying enterprise jobs and the win you’ll aloof possess money leftover after paying rent whilst you happen to live there?

In some unspecified time in the future of our enterprise index, the highest paying job paid $187,000 on common in the US (Clinical Director). The lowest paying enterprise job we phrase is Security Supervisor, which pays $31,000 per yr. The usual enterprise job we phrase pays $75,000 per yr.

In some unspecified time in the future of the country, the highest paying enterprise jobs are in Washington, DC, California, Contemporary York, and Massachusetts. The states with the lowest paying enterprise jobs are Montana, Idaho, and North Dakota. We additionally analyzed 215 of the largest job markets in The United States to search out the cities which possess the highest enterprise salaries; all 5 of the live cities with the highest paying enterprise jobs are positioned in Silicon Valley, with Palo Alto, CA having the highest paying jobs of all.

Lastly, we stumbled on there had been diverse cities fancy San Francisco, Miami and Los Angeles which possess high paying enterprise jobs, however most of your profits will fade to paying rent.


Prior to diving into the tips, a transient existing on the methodology of our Industry Jobs Index. The index is constituted of 127 standard enterprise jobs.

For every of these jobs, we phrase the common wage on by enviornment.

Records source: Industry

In our index, the highest paying jobs are senior positions in the medical enterprise or “C-suite” living fancy Chief Marketing Officer. The broad majority of the enterprise jobs in our index pay now not up to a $one hundred,000 wage nonetheless.

Standard jobs fancy Social Media Supervisor, Accountant, and HR Coordinator all pay now not up to $50,000 per yr.

Which states pay basically the most in our Industry Jobs Index? The following chart exhibits the common wage of enterprise jobs by instruct, ranked from highest to lowest:

Records source: Industry

Washington DC, California, Contemporary York, and Massachusetts are the four highest paying places for enterprise jobs, the win the same old living pays spherical $90,000 per yr.  The lowest paying states for enterprise jobs are largely in the MidWest.

Subsequent, how remarkable variety enterprise salaries vary by metropolis? Subsequent, we analyze the common enterprise wage on the 215 largest job markets we phrase. The chart below exhibits the cities with the highest and lowest salaries:

Records source: Industry

Nearly unbelievable, the live 9 highest paying cities for enterprise jobs are all in the San Francisco Bay Predicament.

The high price of living and quantity abilities employers possess catapulted enterprise salaries in the Bay to over $one hundred,000 per yr and virtually twice as remarkable as cities on the “lowest” enterprise salaries list.

However, places that pay diverse money additionally are inclined to be very dear. We had been piquant, after it is valuable to pay your rent, how remarkable of your wage is left for the leisure?

Below, we show conceal the common wage by metropolis, the common month-to-month rent for a two mattress room condo in response to Lease Jungle, and how remarkable money is left over on an annual basis. For it, we regarded on the live 65 largest markets on our instruct (moreover for Athens, GA the win there changed into no rent recordsdata accessible).  Maintain in mind here is a preliminary evaluation that doesn’t embody taxes, child care, partner-earnings, or other factors that can impact price of living.

Records source: Industry

The cities the win you possess basically the most money leftover after rent are a combination of ones with high salaries (Palo Alto, San Jose, Sunnyvale) and ones with decently high salaries however low rents (Detroit, Chicago, Las Vegas). Pondering that just some of the states these cities are in possess comparatively high instruct profits taxes (California) and others possess zero instruct profits tax (Texas, Nevada), extra evaluation must embody taxes and other charges.

And which cities variety you possess the least money leftover after rent? Below are the live ten:

Records source: Industry

The places the win most of your paycheck goes to rent is de facto cities with high salaries however very high rent. Only College Space and Orlando possess comparatively low rent and create the list attributable to of low salaries. Many of the opposite cities are places fancy San Francisco with high salaries however exorbitant rent ($four,509 for an common two mattress room condo condominium).



There is a broad quantity of enterprise jobs available in the market with an equal variance in salaries. Now not all jobs pay loads, however some variety, severely in California, Contemporary York, Massachusetts and Washington, DC.

However, cities that pay loads in salaries additionally in most cases possess very high price of living. The metropolis with the highest enterprise salaries is Palo Alto, however it surely’s additionally a living with just some of the highest property prices in the country. Furthermore, some places fancy San Francisco and Los Angeles variety possess high salaries, however you don’t capture home very remarkable money after your rent.

Uncommon how remarkable money you’ll possess leftover out of your paycheck after you pay rent? Right here’s the list of the total cities we analyzed:


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