Asha BhosleTechnology cannot add soul to a singer’s voice, says Asha Bhosle

Technology may have, in many instances, improved the quality of life, but in the opinion of the legendary Asha Bhosle, it cannot help a singer add “soul” to their voice.

Speaking to a private Indian news agency, Bhosle said that though getting “familiar” with using technology is an important feat to learn, “we must not forget that nothing can replace real talent”.

“Call me an old-school, but I believe that technology cannot add soul to our voice,” the veteran artist added as she attended her granddaughter Zanai Bhosle’s iAzure Apple Store launch in Mumbai.

Bhosle was of the opinion that the “longevity” of songs has been compromised due to heavy use of technology. However, she also felt that singers can use technology in “constructive” ways to nurture their talent.

“These days, kids are spending most of their time on their phones. I say, why not use them for something constructive? See, you have a digital tanpura and table on your iPhone… So practice while sitting alone, practice while sitting in a quiet place,” the iconic singer said.

“To become a singer, a certain thairao (grace) is important,” she continued, adding practice makes perfect. “It emerges slowly… It is a lifelong process. It should be in your lifestyle.”

Be it cabaret or a ballad, Bhosle has sung it all. Reminiscing over the olden times, the nostalgic artist said, “Times have changed. Nowadays, with the help of technology, you can correct even one word instead of having to sing the whole song all over again.”

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“But, usme woh jaan kahan, woh energy kahan? (where is the life, the energy in that?)” she asked, rhetorically.

Bhosle is widely considered one of the greatest playback singers in Bollywood and has also earned a mention in the Guinness Book of World Records as the most recorded artist in music history.