Take these injection shots to keep your bones strong

Scientists claim that making your bones stronger has become comparatively easy as getting injections of the peptide can help you out.

Two University of Delaware researchers and their students have joined forces – applying the mathematical modeling expertise of one to the biological inquiry of the other – to point the way to a promising remedy.

The biologist, Anja Nohe, has shown that treating a mouse with a peptide known as CK2.3 increases bone mineral density.

The mathematician/engineer, Prasad Dhurjati, has calculated estimated dosages for human beings.

According to their model, injections of CK2.3 can raise the bone mineral density of bones badly degraded by osteoporosis back to healthy levels.

Bone mineral density is affected by two processes: bone formation and bone degradation.

Current drug treatments, especially bisphosphonates, address the cells involved in bone degradation (osteoclasts).

Only the approved drug PTH addresses the cells involved in bone formation (osteoblasts) but doctors must prescribe bisphosphonates with it to target bone degradation simultaneously.


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