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Connecting the dots

Esteem seeing the Mountainous Dipper in a sky stout of stars, Pts helps you join the dots within the vastness of conceptual spaces.

Pts capacity that you can construct and narrate what you gaze on your mind’s eyes — elements as tips, shapes, colors, motions, interactions, and extra.


A recent javascript library

Written in typescript and compiled to javascript ES6, Pts is lightweight and modular. It comes with many precious algorithms for files visualization and ingenious coding.

Use it all of a sudden (hyperlink from unpkg or download from github):

Or set up it by job of npm love this:
npm set up pts

Plan a dot that follows the pointer in a single line of code:
Pts.quickStart("myID")(t => mark.point(station.pointer))

Or one thing extra in impartial 5 lines of code.

Glimpse demos

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