Priyanka Chopra attempted suicide more than once in her struggling days

Prakash Jaju makes distasteful allegations against Priyanka Chopra, a day after Pratyusha’s suicide.

Priyanka Chopra’s achievements over the years can’t be summed up in a sentence. The former Miss World is an international star, recording artist, UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador and also supports girls’ education through her namesake charity, The Priyanka Chopra Foundation.

The path to success was obviously not easy, but what really is her ex-manager Prakash Jaju trying to prove with a flurry of tweets today?Priyanka Chopra

Priyanka’s ex-manager Prakash Jaju, who tormented her with outrageous accusations after the actress terminated his contract with him in 2004, obviously wants some attention. And, he is unfortunately, pegging it on the recent suicide of popular TV actress Pratyusha Banerjee.

He tweeted, “PC may look very strong now but she was also very vulnerable in struggling days, tried to commit suicide 2-3 times but i managed to stop her.”

Things turned sour between Priyanka and her then manager Prakash when she suddenly terminated his services. Prakash filed a criminal suit against the actress in Andheri court, Mumbai.Priyanka Chopra (2)

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It all started when Prakash accused Priyanka of not clearing his dues and her father for the whole incident. Things turned bitter when Prakash blamed Priyanka for ‘having Chhota Shakeel threaten him over phone’.

In 2008, Priyanka’s father filed a complaint against Prakash for interfering in his daughter’s privacy. Prakash ended up serving 67 days in jail.

After Prakash got out of jail, he met Priyanka’s ex-boyfriend Aseem Merchant. The two decided to make a film together titled ’67 Days’, which was a biopic on Prakash.

Soon enough, Priyanka noticed the film’s promotions revolved around her and sent Aseem a legal notice and the film was shelved.Priyanka Chopra (1)