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On a dreary day in early April, Once Upon a Time is in its preferrred days of producing, and Rebecca Mader is getting prepared to lisp farewell to the Wicked Witch… any other time.

The actress used to be at the muse announced as thought to be one of six solid contributors not returning to the ABC fairy story drama heading into the computer screen’s rebooted seventh season. But Zelena received an 11th-hour return, with govt producers Adam Horowitz and Edward Kitsis bringing Misplaced alum Mader motivate for one more account that noticed the humble villain fetch a satisfied ending of her maintain. EW used to be on space to fetch Mader’s plan end on announcing goodbye for the final time. Presumably.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: As you’re heading into the preferrred few days of shooting, how does it no doubt feel? Are you prepared to direct goodbye, effectively, any other time?
REBECCA MADER: I’ve said goodbye to Zelena as soon as or twice, nonetheless these old couple of days are positively diversified, on story of we’re all announcing goodbye to our characters, so it’s somewhat diversified energy. I mediate it’s no doubt magical to maintain the pale solid motivate, and all people’s getting on no doubt effectively. It nearly doesn’t no doubt feel like work this week. It lawful appears like we’re all putting out having a laugh, and I don’t desire that allotment to quit, on story of the friendships were potentially the most particular allotment on this computer screen.

What has it meant to you to play a character like Zelena?
It’s mountainous. I’ve never been bored, on story of it’s lawful been a fixed scuttle, and the character has continued to conform and evolve and evolve. One factor I like regarding the villains on this computer screen, it’s nearly like they’re addicts the put they could maybe furthermore spin out, or they regress a shrimp, nonetheless then you come motivate to it. It’s not lawful similar to you hunch from you were a villain and now you’re a hero. You don’t hunch from being heinous to edifying. They’re calm multidimensional, which I no doubt like, on story of as an actor, whereas you’re playing the same character for a truly prolonged time, you wretchedness that you could maybe perchance fetch bored, nonetheless I’ve never felt that formula on this computer screen, on story of I’ve continuously felt just like the scuttle’s ever-altering.

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What create you mediate Once Upon a Time‘s legacy could be?
It’s piquant, on story of it’s two diversified legacies, like what it’s done to me, which is huge, after which what it’s done to the fandom. I mediate it’s brought as extraordinary to my life because it has to the followers. Doing these conventions has no doubt made me realize what its legacy could be and the impact that it’s had on so many participants’s lives, not lawful on story of of the themes of the computer screen in phrases of hope and faith and all that stuff, nonetheless lawful what it’s done in phrases of bringing other folks collectively, or other folks which could maybe be having a onerous time. The computer screen has no doubt resonated with other folks that don’t maintain an effortless life, which I mediate is de facto magnificent. It’s brought a total lot of parents collectively that perchance never felt considered. I’ve met so many participants that maintain felt like they were allotment of something on story of of their adore for the computer screen and being a component of this fandom. A quantity of no doubt magnificent relationships maintain come out of it. These other folks will now be visitors ceaselessly on story of of a TV computer screen that we made, and I mediate that’s no doubt particular.

Are you able to talk regarding the significance of sending a message that all people deserves a satisfied ending?
Neatly, I mediate happiness is a capacity of thinking, and I don’t necessarily mediate it’s an ending. That’s one factor I’ve loved regarding the musical episode, and the CaptainSwan wedding tune, it’s a satisfied foundation. I mediate every single day is a novel foundation. We all maintain not easy times, and the onerous times, or we fetch miserable or something unpleasant happens, and the model I circulate by life is I strive to take into story at every single day as a satisfied foundation, and a wager to establish out and mud off the cobwebs, and put all the pieces apart, and withhold my head up, and fetch by life, and that’s, to me, the message of the computer screen, is that every single day could maybe furthermore be a satisfied foundation.

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How create you no doubt feel regarding the quit of Zelena’s account?
Neatly, it’s diversified, on story of the put we’re in the finale, and the Wish Realm, and all the pieces else, it’s not the same particular person that we left after I went away in 717 with Chad, and I used to be Kelly. Now I’m fleshy-on, fleshy-blown Zelena any other time. I extra or less wished to circulate attempting to search out that wedding. Did she marry Chad? I don’t know. ? Regularly you don’t desire all the pieces wrapped up in a piquant shrimp bow. Here is extra regarding the truth that I lawful felt satisfied to be a component of the quit factor.

Because of the the time scuttle, how will this Zelena react to her grown-up daughter Robin (Tiera Skovbye) arriving in Storybrooke?
It’s a total mind f—. It used to be no doubt zigzag, on story of I did take into consideration her, on story of she knew so extraordinary about me, I’m like, “Grasp on a minute,” and I’m having a take into story at the toddler, and I’m having a take into story at the mountainous one. It used to be thought to be such a moments the put it used to be like if there used to be a sound lift out — [makes record scratch noise] — it may perchance be just like the area lawful stops spinning. I used to be reeling.

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Is there some comedy to be had there?
I mediate so, yeah, nonetheless then I don’t mediate Zelena no doubt wished two. Two teens, that’s a handful. A quantity of labor.

When you could maybe perchance open a novel chapter of Once Upon a Time 10 years later, what would you desire it to be about?
I even maintain already received a truly suited idea for a spinoff. Enact you are looking for to hear it?

I used to be talking about it at a convention the opposite day, and it used to be like, “We like it, we could fully like it!” I’d adore to create a lunge-off with Zelena and Regina in Original York, and we’re law enforcement officials. We’re calm Zelena and Regina, it’s like Cagney and Lacey, bit of a reboot, nonetheless it’s calm received a magical factor, on story of by day, we’re like badass law enforcement officials and we hunch around and we fetch like drug sellers and gross guys, nonetheless then by night time, it’s just like the capes come on and I’m the Wicked Witch and he or she’s the Inappropriate Queen, and we lawful doodle around Long island. She’s on the motivate of my broomstick. The flying monkey. We lawful fetch rid of all of the gross guys, like a superhero movie. Then, at some level of the day, we’re bickering on story of we received every other’s Starbucks lisp unfavorable. I mean, it literally writes itself. I’d look that, nonetheless not like a fleshy-on drama, drama; it may perchance have to be a dramedy on story of we’re both so ridiculous and humorous in steady life that we’d maintain to throw in a number of of that stupidity into the computer screen.

Once Upon a Time‘s series finale airs Friday at Eight p.m. ET on ABC.

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