Lala Vintage Embroidered Women's Winter-Dresses-2015-2016  a2zstyle 12Lala Winter Vintage Embroidered Twill Marina Collection 2016 for women

Lala has evolved as Pakistan’s fastest growing ethnic wear brand in the regional & international market with diverse retail collections. Lala started as a simple trading house in 1947, the Lala Textile brand has today grown to encompass four diverse retail brands providing accessible summer, midsummer and winter fabric ranges to ladies across Pakistan including Lala Classic, Kesa, Vintage, Dahlia, Sana & Samia etc. Currently Lala is available nationwide in all leading cities of Pakistan and their lines, collections and brands are known for its versatility of design and price range, ensuring the brand is always accessible to a large diversity of women.

Lala Textile is now famous and most well know fashion brand offering most trendy and formal dresses for all season. The time to time designer strategy will give a unique idea for fashion clothing. You will see the new catalog by lala in this post.Lala is launching another warmest collection based on Twill Marina fabric paired with shawl in vintage embroidered 2016. It’s the time again to warm up the wardrobe with wool and thrilling colors to feel comfort. The days are getting shorter and there’s an unmistakable chill in the air that hints of the first whispers of winter. Whilst some might be tempted to climb under the covers to hibernate for the season.

Most stunning weaving touch with prints on neck zone, edges and sleeves has made these vintage kurti stole gathering 2016 all the more engaging and spellbinding. Lala Textile is one of the well known fashion brands. These are all collections of ideal for all ages of women.Lala Vintage is good to go to dispatch its most recent and everlasting Lala Vintage weaved twill marina with shawl winter designs 2016 on seventh December 2016. The cost of weaved Twill marina suit + shawl is 4450 PKR. Persuasive embroidered new designs and lovely compositions are utilized to embellish these are twill marina suits 2016 by Lala garments. See below the stunning collection of Lala Vintage Embroidered Twill Marina Shawl Suits for winter 2016.

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Lala Winter Vintage Embroidered Twill Marina Collection 2016 for women