Kanye West's Unhinged Spending Habits Reportedly Have Kim Planning To SplitKim Kardashian is reportedly headed for divorce after Kanye West went on a spending spree after a very public admission that he is millions of dollars in debt.
The couple has been plagued by rumors of a split for months now, but a series of recent reports indicate that the problems with Kim and Kanye may be worse than ever. There are reports of blowout fights, jealousy, and Kim’s growing tired of her husband’s often childish antics.
The latest report, which comes from Celeb Dirty Laundry, claims that Kim Kardashian is considering divorce amid her husband’s unhinged spending habits. Noting that Kanye West is “spending like a mad man,” the report claimed that Kim had reached her breaking point.

“Kanye West’s money woes are no secret – but this year during one of his many Twitter rampages, the rapper confirmed that he was $53 Million in debt, and publicly begged other celebs for money. Of course, Kim Kardashian was mortified.
“It’s bad enough that her husband was squandering away all of their money on his crazy ‘art’ and poorly planned business schemes, but she was totally embarrassed that he took it public.”

There have been a string of rumors predicting divorce for Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, including a recent one that suggested that Kim had kicked her husband out of the house. Though the Kim and Kanye divorce rumors often lurk around the edges of the internet, with stories on gossip sites with flimsy reporting, that one actually came from In Touch Weekly.
As Celeb Dirty Laundry hinted, the situation was about to grow even more dire as Kim and Kanye headed for a custody battle.

“What has been interesting about Kanye’s West’s latest downward spiral is that the rapper’s entire breakdown has been pristinely documented across the internet – we have screenshots of his insane Twitter rampages, and there is even the tape of Kanye screaming obscenities and making NO sense behind the scenes at Saturday Night [Live].
“Not to mention police reports from previous violent altercations in the past few years. Basically, Kanye doesn’t stand a chance at getting custody of North and Saint West. We’re not saying Kim is a good mom, but she is definitely a better looking parent on paper than Kanye West.”

Hollywood Life estimated that the couple’s divorce would include a total of $1 billion in assets and had the potential to destroy the lucrative Kardashian reality television empire.

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Source: http://www.inquisitr.com/