CH. NisarI am Not Going To any Other Party: Ch. Nisar

You are blessed with Other trains, we are all today because of Nawaz Sharif, why will the party be annoyed at all times, saying that Nisar will not leave the party, this is a meditation for me.

He said that all of us are due to Nawaz Sharif today. Sheikh Rasheed, I am not a trainer from the Horse-hop train. I am happy to have two trains and why will the party be annoyed in the difficult time, saying that Nisar Party I will not leave, this is a meditation for me. He said in a press conference in Punjab House today, he said that the press conference was necessary.
I want to tell you that this is the toughest press conference of my life. It will show that there are huge demands from media and political opponents. As you know, a press conference has been announced a few days back. The need for the press conference has been presented at the cabinet meeting that there is something to say about it. He said in the cabinet meeting that I was feeling small by doing this.
I think my junior will touch? But I talked. Some things are okay and some of the wrong reports were done. I have to do a press conference with the cabinet. I will not be angry, it is up to me. Why will the party be annoyed at a full time? 35 years of life for his party. He said that for 33 years I would be present in every meeting.
I have not been invited to consult with senior advisors for a couple of months. Only National Security went to the cabinet meeting. He did not go for a parliamentary meeting for a period of time. He explained that Shaykh Rashid, I did not miss the train, I am not a trainer in the Histop train. I am happy to have two trains. You should be troubled and troubled in the party.

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I am a very sinner of Allah’s grace but I try to be good. He said that Shahbaz Sharif, Khawaja Saad Rafique, Shahid Khaqan Abbasi and Isaac Dar came to meet. They prevented the press conference, but I said that the press conference should be done. I have given time. Chaudhry Nisar said that in 85, who tried to establish a party with Nawaz Sharif, there is no one besides me.

He said that the person who could leave this party for the sake of the party for 35 years. They said that he would not leave the party. This is my politics. I have decided to speak the truth in front of Nawaz Sharif in whole political life. You are dentists, but others take you to the left. But when the difficult time comes, I have been separated from the consultation. I am sitting in the cabinet, who knows me. Who is the one because of all of us today.