How to Choose What Color to WearOnce you understand color, it’s relatively easy to create a wardrobe where every item makes you look your best and ties in well with each other.

It can be extremely rewarding and once you understand which colors suit you, you can start to add in others and still look great!

Learn What Colors Convey

Particularly in the working world, the colors you choose to wear can send a message about the type of you personality you have.

Yellow Colour Dresses1. Wear yellows to display warmth and optimism. This color carries the same healing qualities that are associated with the sun, and are associated with optimism and light.

White Dresses2. Wear whites to symbolize a new beginning. Wearing whites can symbolize cleaning and offer a fresh, bright new outlook. Whites, browns, or beiges that match closely (but not exactly) to your skin tone look fantastic!

Pink Colour Dresses3. Wear pinks to convey an open heart. People who wear pink, regardless of gender, appear approachable and capable of loving others.

Blue Red Dresses4. Wear reds for all of your personality traits. Reds tend to vary on the message they send across. Burgundy conveys sophistication, while blue-red conveys assertiveness. An orange-red would be worn by someone who is lively. Reds or blacks that are the same color as your skin when it’s flushed look very romantic.

Multi Colour Dresses5. Mix colors to convey creativity. Make sure to combine colors that match and compliment each other well, such as purple and red.

Pastal Colour dresses6. Wear pastel colors to seem relaxed and friendly. Some pastel colors include light green and light purple.


Dark Colour Dresses7. Wear dark colors to convey authority and power. Some dark colors include black and navy blue. Try wearing a blue that matches the color of the veins in your wrist.