Girls Wear Pretty Hairstyles For Winter Season 201516  (7)

Summer vacation is over! Time to get back to school, but who said school can be boring? Budding fashionistas, get ready to go back in school with your best foot forward. Start a new day with these amazing back to school summer hairstyles and cute girls hairstyles.This low maintenance hairstyles for girls is perfect for those who don’t dilly dally with their hair too much. It is low-key and you wouldn’t need to do any prepping except perhaps running your fingers through them once in a while.It’s romantic and easy to style as well. Here is what you will need to do:Come out of the shower and wring the excess water from your hairUse little bit of styling mousse or serum and run it through the tips and lengths of the hair. Avoid the roots because this will make the hair heavyRun your fingers through the hair and part hair off the center and you are good to go. Now wasn’t this so darn easy?

Girls Wear Pretty Hairstyles For Winter Season 201516  (4)

Big, bouncy curls are something good hair dreams are made of. Who doesn’t love them? But summertime often makes curls frizzy and limp and this is where we are giving you an amazing trick to keep your hair and curls shiny and frizz-free: Use a roller to actually give more definition to your curls.We know you have curls, but over time, they tend to lose their current state and become limp and frizzy. So pick up a heat-protectant serum and use your curling tongs to give your curls a boost. Yes honey, you can thank us later for all the jealous looks your got and incidentally this is also one of the most preferred hairstyles for teenagers.Mermaids and rainbows and all things pretty-the latest trend to hit all teens are pastel colours on their hair. Powder pink and baby blue and mauve, all these colours are making an entry into teen’s hairstyles with a bang. Take a look at this pretty and elegant hairstyles Collection