Galia Lahav Spring Collection 2017

Design duo Galia Lahav and Sharon Sever were visibly moved as they took their bow at the end of their first Paris couture show. Indeed, backstage before the show, Sever described being accepted as a guest member on the couture calendar as the culmination of three decades of work for the Tel Aviv, Israel-based label, which is principally known for its bridal designs.

Inspired by the Victorian era in general and more specifically by a little-known designer called Jean-Marjorie Lacroix, who challenged the sartorial stereotypes of the time, Sever explained. The designers sent out an array of gowns that combined the transparency of tulle fabrics, lace some of it antique guipure and sheer stretch fabrics with a multitude of embellishments and surface finishes.

Galia Lahav Spring Collection


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