Fancy Khussa Collection For Men 2016 (4)

Fancy Khussa Collection For Men 2016

Fancy Khussa Collection For Men 2016  The trend dresses and shoes does not remain the same, because all people are well aware of their care, not only the girls more children and children also want to go with something new .Do not just dress shoes are also in changing trends and made shoes Pakistani side is more popular in the world because it is handmade and culture show the Pakistani people the place of handmade shoes is Peshawar and these mountainous regions, because these people like the traditional things and have all the things that people keep alive traditional .Pakistani these traditional shoes liked by India and also lead to ethnic dresses shoes manufactured in the machine and other things are not more worthy as handmade shoes because these shoes are very comfortable and you can transfer your dress in any way, if you love shoes did the Pakistani side then join us and see the different types of shoes in which you can see the color of brocade traditional things khussa and beautiful .Maroon with Paisley styles and gold highlighted is very good to wear at the wedding of his brother and sister or any relative with white shalwar and kurta brown bears that khussa that will look nice.Mostly khussa worn by men in traditional events and is good for formal and semi formal dresses color Tilla khussa working skin with the front pointed silver and it is good to carry the Mehendi ceremony in shalwar kameez with blank looks very nice and gives a full traditional appearance.Not only black, gold and silver are khussas inn rather khussa all colors thus tending whether it be a friend, then you can choose t blue sky khussa the sequence of work and the stone on the Rhine is a bit expensive since the interior is also made of velvet material with black sherwani dress that looks very traditional but black can be used khussa.Peshawri brown chapel is very good choice for summer and Peshawar is very common in many forms Tilla labor, lace work and simply take the more older men held the Peshawri chapel shalwar kameez, kurta pajamas, and dhoti shalwar kameez chapel gold color with the fiction and stones that can be worn with jeans also.Now day old things that are not in use, but comes from how fast Puri khussa Khula and Peshawri church not it was common in previous years, but the trend again come to Pakistan young boys flying khussa velvet pent shirt and shalwar kameez and a tendency of increase in khussas Mehendi ceremony.Leather is very comfortable and consider a khussa real leather material with gold work is very beautiful and is hand royal families in which the men pull the image period and can be considered as seniors who are 80-70 years old, with this type of footwear is now a day because this shoe feels light .Khula Puri leg was the favorite Nawab church that led to this chapel in pajamas and kurta, as it is very traditional looking jooti Khula church Puri are available in all colors, because they are very famous in Pakistan and is made of leather in based home many other traditional functions, Eid, Shab -e-brat and you can use the color it.Black chapel Khula style sandal Puri gives a very attractive appearance and is made by hand is flat, but leather strap can be carried out by with the shalwar kameez and pent shirt and because the fashion touch these sandal give a traditional look is also very easy and comfortable in the summer in place of shoes wear this sandal.