Empowr Coin – The World Top Coin

Empowr Coin – The World Top Coin

You can Join the site at this link: www.empowr.com/TahirSaleem

My Name is M Tahir Saleem; I’m the citizen of world first democratic social economy “empowr” 2015.
which allows its citizens to earn money from the activities they do here, Posting content (Photos, blogs, videos, status update), selling & sponsoring and teaching.

Soon we will have new ways to earnings, Such as Transporting (Earn by transporting products or people) Earn by building apps.

In other words, empowr is the economy for the 21st Century,

The thing stay me on the platform is the empowr mission, to empower people by enabling opportunity, hope and influence”

The empowr goal to help half of humanity – 4 billion people – earn $25 or more per day by the year 2025.
Today the reason to make this video introduces you the evolution the empowr own cryptocurrency coin “empowers”.

As you know empowr is world first democratic social economy and we the community member feeling the need of empowr own currency, some of the empowr community members suggested empowr move towards creating his own blockchain Cryptocurrency which would not be used within empowr but also have the ability to be exchanged with non-empowr citizens as a wide verity of other sites online.

As empowr is democratic site, before launching any feature the officials (Our elected president) of empowr discuss the things with empowr community members and empowr presidentannouncede in a community announcement post, empowr is working to launch his own cryptocurrency.

Educate the empowr community members about Blockchain and benefits of it, What the Cryptocurrency is and what are the benefits, how would the empowr community benefit from cryptocurrency.

This was the first time I learn about the virtual currency in details after the discussion empowr decided to coin with fixed supply, 10 Billion coins, launch his ICO (Initial coin offering) to empowr citizens rewarding them the free founder coins, 10% of fixed Supply.

And sell the unclaimed coins to active empowr community member,

Finally, we got the news empowr Launching the Coin and we can see the empowr coin ticker on the top of any profile page with recent bids that have been placed to the empowr citizen in the coin actions and get our free coins which empowr guaranteed to his citizens.

I have clicked get the free coin and surprised empowr guaranteed me 70642 fee coins, thank you empowr, also, empowr announced more reward coins for Posting, Coaching, Sale and may more, bonus.

If you are an empowr citizen visit the empowr ICO by clicking Get your free coin and check if you have guaranteed free coins claim them by clicking Give me my free coins also, can bid to buy more coins and secure 50% bonus but remember bid only the amount you can afford to lose.

If you are not an empowr citizen, you are aware of the coin have position outlook on the empowr platform and its future.

The best thing about the empowr coin is fixed supply, an 18 years experienced technology based company behind the coin and community 500,000 members, the platform to use crypto currency to fulfill our needs.

Thank empowr for this evolution.