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On this episode of the Knowledge Mission, I chat with Patrick Collison, co-founder and CEO of the leading online fee processing company, Stripe. Whenever you happen to’ve purchased the relaxation online no longer too long previously, there’s a legit probability that Stripe facilitated the transaction.

What is now an organization with over a thousand employees and going through billions of bucks of online purchases yearly, began as a itsy-bitsy facet experiment whereas Patrick and his brother John were going to college.

Proper through our conversation, Patrick shares the particulars of their no longer going trail and one of the most laborious-earned info he picked up along the style. I am hoping you hang something handy to put in writing with since the nuggets per minute in this episode are off the charts. Patrick became so originate and marvelous with his responses that I’m essentially angry for you to hear what he has to whisper.

Here are accurate a couple of of the issues we quilt:

  • The biggest (and most invaluable) errors Patrick made in the early days of Stripe and how they helped him fetch greater
  • The traits that Patrick seems for in a new hire to suit and make contributions to the Stripe company culture
  • What compelled he and his brother to transfer forward with the early belief of Stripe, even although on paper it became doomed to fail from the launch
  • The gaps Patrick seen available in the market that dozens of alternative processing firms were missing — and how he capitalized on them
  • The teachings Patrick realized from scaling Stripe from two employees (he and his brother) to with regards to 1,000 this day
  • How he evaluates the upsides and doable risks of speculative positions contained in the company
  • How his Irish upbringing influenced his capability to argue and disagree with out taking offense (and how we are in a position to all be a bit of extra “Irish”)
  • The energy of finding the honest test community on your social and skilled circles and how impactful and influential it might maybe maybe probably perchance additionally be in figuring out where you pause up.
  • The Four ways Patrick has modified his resolution-making process over the remaining 5 years and the plan in which it’s helped him plan as an particular particular person and as a commercial leader (this segment by myself is price the hear)
  • Patrick’s peculiar plan to books and how he chooses what he’s going to utilize his time reading
  • …life in Silicon Valley, Baumol’s fee illness, and so, so great extra.
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Patrick essentially is one in all the warmest, humble and quiet folks I’ve had the pleasure to communicate with and I thoroughly loved our conversation together. I am hoping you might maybe perchance too!



On the final simplest people of our studying community hang fetch admission to to transcripts, nonetheless, we decide one or two a One year to construct avilable to all people. Here is the total transcript of the interview with Patrick.

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