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Right here’s a checklist of things Migos know a lot about: Versace, Disney Channel reveals, t-shirts, and girls people that are both unfriendly and boujee. Unfortunately, lacking from that record are the mechanics of cooking, or for that topic, food. Honestly, on their original Pharrell-produced music, “Dawdle Fry,” I’m no longer obvious the Atlanta trio knows guidelines on how to cook drag fry.

In space of explaining the intricacies of Pharrell’s manufacturing, detailing the continuing melodic evolution of Quavo, or debating how slept-on Takeoff is, let’s make one thing some distance extra major — look every food reference on “Dawdle Fry.” Every lyric is rated on a scale of 1 to 5 drag fry. One drag fry formulation you like never watched an episode of Chopped on your life, and five assumes you knows no longer to position a puree on your crispy fish pores and skin.

  • “Trap n—a with the chickens like Popeye’s”

    Rating: 5 out of 5 drag fry

    Drug dealing, chickens, rapid food chain… this metaphor checks out.

  • “She bought a immense ol’ onion booty, assemble the arena wail”

    Rating: 5 out of 5 drag fry

    Determined booties are so swish they make in actuality assemble the arena wail. Onions just like the identical property, but for reverse causes. Up to now, Migos’ food references are extra vital than Tom Colicchio.

  • “Within the kitchen, wrist twistin’ adore it be drag fry”

    Rating: 3 out of 5 drag fry

    I in actuality like a central query about this line. Is Quavo twisting his wrist when he’s making drag fry, or is the drag fry anthropomorphic, which offers it wrists that moreover twist? None of right here’s glaring.

    Furthermore, twisting your wrist in any rigorous process feels like an in heart-broken health-advised advice. “Within the kitchen, wrist ‘proper’ like a drag fry,” would’ve been a much bigger message for the younger followers and their bony wrists.

  • “In that skillet, survey me flip it adore it be 5 Guys (flip it)”

    Rating: 4 out of 5 drag fry

    My most efficient difficulty with this rhyme is the truth that Offset says “in that skillet,” in space of “on that skillet.” I’ve been to 5 Guys earlier than, and I’ve never seen them flip a burger in a skillet.

    The devil is in the minute print, Offset. You’ve a wedding increasing. Some people are going to want fish and others will inquire of of chicken. Precision in these times is wanted.

  • “Frosty Patek, take a look at, yeah, baguettes, they take a seat on my neck”

    Rating: 3 out of 5 drag fry

    Baguettes are a form of bread. Bread symbolically stands for money in hip-hop vernacular. Baguettes are moreover long, so I’m assuming Offset is telling followers his money is of in actuality extensive dimension.

    So listed below are my factors with the line. First, the baguettes don’t seem to be sitting on your neck. The jewelry that you clutch with acknowledged french bread is on your neck. 2nd, while one’s money being long is admirable, what if rappers began evaluating their cash to challah? The intricately braided bread is mainly a symbol for the model smartly you diversify your bonds. Note to Wu-Tang Financial.

  • “Within the kitchen, curry chicken, call it drag fry”

    Rating: 1 out of 5 drag fry

    The very most real looking factor indecent with this line is the truth that Takeoff turned into doubtlessly drinking curry chicken drag fry in the studio, pointed to the meal, and made a rap about it. Takeoff gave us the first verse on the legendary “T-Shirt.” I want extra from the center and soul of Migos.

  • “Pockets, blue cheese, I’m in the kitchen”

    Rating: 5 out of 5 drag fry

    This record is getting exhausting. Furthermore, leaving cheese on your pocket feels like a gruesome formulation to retailer dairy merchandise.

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