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What occurs when an anthology series does an anthology episode? The consequence is “Gloomy Museum,” the season four finale, which facets three apparently separate stories being suggested, simplest to culminate in a extremely efficient twist. The installment is additionally mighty for creator Charlie Brooker hinting that for the first time, there’s a reference to every previous episode. Did you issue them all? Because I’m going to be just precise and admit that I didn’t — I saved precise hoping for a loyal white obtain to experience all around the show.

“Gloomy Museum” begins with a younger British lady named Nish (Letitia Wright) taking a scenic route thru the mountains. She makes a discontinue at an abandoned gas space; with an estimated three hours to payment her car, she decides to take a behold at a shut-by building called “Rolo Haynes’ Gloomy Museum.” The door is locked, so she takes a behold all around the aspect. A man within the terminate opens up, introducing himself as Rolo Haynes (Douglas Hodge), the museum’s owner. He invites her in, checking her regain and making her experience thru a steel detector. They procure miniature discuss, as she says she’s “build of” on plod back and forth to surprise her dad for his birthday.

It’s now time to commence up the tour. As they experience precise into a room that properties “real prison artifacts,” Haynes notices that the air conditioning isn’t working. “If it did one thing disagreeable, chance is it’s in here,” he shares. He doesn’t are searching to whisk ahead to the principle enchantment, so he begins things off with a story about Dr. Peter Dawson.

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Earlier than Haynes opened this crime museum, he worked in medical skills at health center in Unusual York City. His job became to recruit folks for experimental therapies. One day, Haynes notices Dawson get pissed off over losing a patient, so he approaches him with a proposition. They’ve been growing a ability to switch records from one mind to 1 other. Experiments on mice and a maze failed, nonetheless it helped them by accident detect that bodily sensations will most doubtless be shared, main to the creation of a neural implant prototype that can abet doctors diagnosis sufferers by feeling what they feel.

Dawson is all in on the foundation and goes thru with the irreversible map. The article on lisp within the museum is the machine that will get placed on the patient’s head to send the sensation to Dawson. It’s straight winning and Dawson’s driving excessive off of it, even using the design for sex, which enables him to concurrently have both female and male orgasms. “But,” interrupts Nish. “Dawson’s having a gigantic time, there’s obtained to be a but.” This lady is aware of what she’s talking about, because being curved up to a poisoned senator ends in Dawson blacking out. “Dawson had skilled loss of life and reach out the varied aspect,” says Haynes, revealing that this forever changed the doctor. “The extra bother he felt, the extra pleasure he obtained.”

After searching to bother his girlfriend in uncover to skills the discomfort and having to be pulled off of a patient, Dawson is now not any longer allowed at work. Stuck by himself at home, the assert addict begins hurting himself (I in actuality must confess that I could perhaps perhaps barely behold as he pulled his enjoy enamel out). “Nevertheless it became never ample,” unearths Haynes. “When he became engaged on himself, there became a extraordinarily crucial element missing — fear.” Dawson ends up going making an strive to procure prey, deciding on a homeless man. The law enforcement officials interrupt, but now now not sooner than the doctor begins using a drill on his sufferer.

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Dawson has been in a vegetated issue ever since. “They command he gathered has that behold on his face,” says Haynes. “Nonetheless driving that excessive.” We detect Dawson lying in a health center mattress with a loyal smile and a loyal erection. “You’re f—ing with me, factual?” asks Nish, forcing Haynes to confess he made up the latter portion.

The air conditioning now now not working has started to have an cease on Haynes. Fortunately, Nish is advantageous ample to provide him some of her water. He’s hydrated up, so let’s switch on to the following prison object, which occurs to be an lovely stuffed monkey. “If fact be told, notion to be one of the most saddest things within the total issue,” declares Haynes. “You ever had notion to be such a relationships where you precise can’t get somebody out of your head?” We’re launched to Carrie and Jack (Aldis Hodge, a.k.a. Voodoo Tatum). It’s the fundamental account of boy meets lady, boy impregnates lady, lady offers birth, lady will get hit by a van. Carrie ends in a coma for years, but Jack continues to verbalize over with her religiously and he or she’s ready to verbalize thru an intercom design. Once more, Haynes roams the hallways of the health center making an strive to procure seemingly test issues. “She will live again,” he pitches to Jack. “She will hug your son by job of you.” Successfully, who may perhaps perhaps command no to that? (Recap continues on page 2)

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