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Ben Stokes has urged a courtroom in Bristol he “stepped into” an altercation within the metropolis to support two men who had been the victims of homophobic abuse.

Stokes, who is standing trial for affray alongside Ryan Ali, alleged the reputation escalated when he saw Ali brandish a bottle at the two men, William O’Connor and Kai Barry, and Stokes’ England team-mate, Alex Hales, and he “took the resolution” to salvage enthusiastic to “withhold myself and others around me stable.”

Spherical the time his England team-mates must were taking the world at Lord’s, Stokes took to the opinion field at Bristol Crown Court docket. Having denied any suggestion he mimicked or abused two homosexual men (William O’Connor and Kai Barry) he met outdoors Mbargo nightclub, he as a replacement claimed the incident started when he got right here to support them after abuse he alleges got right here from Ali and his friend Ryan Hale. Earlier within the day, Hale had been came across not guilty of affray following direction from the come to a resolution.

“I realized there used to be shouting happening,” Stokes acknowledged. “There used to be confrontation between four guys.

“Mr Hale and Mr Ali had been shouting homophobic feedback in direction of O’Connor and Barry. I stepped in and acknowledged ‘you ought to not be asserting these items to those two men. I acknowledged ‘you ought to not be taking the piss because they are homosexual.”

“I was urged by Mr Ali something along the strains of ‘Shut the f*** up or I am going to bottle you’.”

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Stokes then alleged that Ali turned the bottle he used to be carrying in his hand and held it by the neck. “He used to be waving it around,” Stokes acknowledged. “He waved it at Mr Hales.

He added: “Mr Ali used to be working in direction of Alex with the bottle above his head as if he used to be going to hit him. I undergo in mind attempting to salvage between Alex and Mr Ali.

“Then he [Ali] circled and swung at one among the homosexual couple with a bottle. As rapidly as I’d considered Mr Ali swing the bottle and physically hit them, I took the resolution that I major to salvage enthusiastic.

“One in every of them had already urged me what he would end verbally if I did not shut the f*** up. He had already trot at a discontinuance friend I play cricket with with a bottle.

“I was conserving myself. I took the resolution to end what I did very mercurial. As rapidly as the episode started, I knew that not correct myself nevertheless totally different folk will also be a target of these two men.

“Every thing I did used to be in defence of myself. I’d thunder I felt below possibility from these two and I had to withhold myself and others spherical me stable.”

Accepting that he had thrown punches at both Ali and Hale, Stokes insisted he did so because he feared the usage of “weapons” towards him.

“I did throw a punch at Ali,” Stokes acknowledged. “I was attempting to end him from doing injury to any individual with a tumbler bottle. I’d thunder I did join, go.

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“I undergo in mind falling to the floor and rolling around on the floor. I undergo in mind any individual else coming up within the serve of me, grabbing me. Somewhat a few grabbing of me from within the serve of. I was grabbed and pulled. I did not know who that used to be.

“I wasn’t conscious [of what had happened] to the bottle Ali had had in his hand.

“When I bought serve to my feet I saw that one among the men we had the preliminary verbal altercation with used to be in entrance of me. It used to be Mr Hale. He used to be walking in direction of me. His palms had been raised up. I straight away belief he used to be the actual person who used to be attempting to withhold me down on the floor besides to Mr Ali. I did not are attempting to present any individual a probability of doing something to me.

“I believed it will probably presumably presumably without complications be the two of them approaching to me. I wasn’t going to permit them to end that. I was conserving myself.

“I at the foundation bought fascinated a couple of verbal altercation which was an attack which did involve weapons. A glass bottle used to be feeble as a weapon and that turned valid into a combat.

“All the device in which via your total time I was the usage of any pressure, it used to be in total belief these two gentlemen who’d I’d by no manner met had been willing to make use of weapons again. They’d already shown they had been willing to end that. They’ll need been carrying more weapons on them. They might maybe perchance presumably attack me at any time if I turned my serve on them. I wasn’t going to permit them to hang any various to end that. I felt below possibility your total time.”

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Commenting on CCTV evidence, Stokes claimed it used to be “gorgeous sure” it confirmed him “escorting Mr Barry and Mr O’Connor” a long way flung from the combat, whereas he claimed physique-digicam pictures from the police officer who arrested him confirmed him urging Hales to leave the scene and return to the team hotel.

“I was attempting to repeat him to leave; to salvage out of right here,” Stokes acknowledged. “I was asserting ‘It is on me.’ I was asserting ‘Fling, salvage a long way flung from right here. Don’t salvage enthusiastic.’

“He did not have to be there. I was the one caught within the police automobile with handcuffs on.”

The photographs additionally regarded to point to Hales telling the police officer that he did not advance on the scene till after the combat had done.

Earlier the come to a resolution, Clutch Blair, urged the jury to enter a not guilty verdict towards co-defendant, Hale attributable to lack of evidence.

The case continues.

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