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Ben Stokes has been accused of mendacity to a jury, having an infuriate administration enviornment and failing to clutch accountability for his actions on the fifth day of his trial in Bristol.

Stokes, who’s standing trial for affray alongside Ryan Ali, became once furthermore accused of exaggerating the extent of an argument he witnessed “in an strive to elaborate your have violent behaviour”.

Below incorrect-examination from Anna Midgley QC, performing for Ali, it became once assign aside to Stokes that he had “misrepresented” events within the early hours of September 25 and “true obtained the sinful pause of the stick” after coming across four men within the avenue.

Particularly, Midgley urged, Stokes had misunderstood the personality of the dialogue between Ryan Ali, his ideal friend Ryan Hale and two men, Kai Barry and William O’Connor.

“You idea one thing untoward became once being stated to them about their sexuality, but that you just would possibly additionally’t keep in mind a single note, can you?” she requested. “Also can simply now not you dangle in mind that it’s seemingly you’ll perchance accept as true with got true obtained the sinful pause of the stick?”

“I’m in a position to now not recollect the explain words,” Stokes spoke back, “but I’m very sure the words former were of homophobic abuse.”

“You’ve got gotten over-exaggerated the trade in an strive to elaborate your have violent behaviour have not you?” Midgley requested. “You’ve got gotten misrepresented what took place, have not you?”

“No,” Stokes spoke back.

Below incorrect-examination from Nicholas Corsellis QC, performing for the prosecution, it became once assign aside to Stokes that he had “in point of truth essential memory blackout” from the evening on memoir of he became once “in point of truth very below the impact of alcohol”.

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It became once furthermore assign aside to Stokes that CCTV footage showed him flicking a cigarette butt at Mr O’Connor and that Stokes walked away from the Mbargo nightclub “offended” after a disagreement with the bouncer, Andrew Cunningham, who would now not enable him to re-enter.

“Are you hiding within the abet of your lack of recollection on memoir of you performed a retaliatory attack?” Corsellis requested.

“No, all my actions were in self-defence,” Stokes spoke back.

“You would possibly perchance perchance perchance even be mendacity to the jury about the cigarette butt, are now not you?” Corsellis continued. “You would possibly perchance perchance perchance even be mendacity about mimicking and mocking Mr Barry and Mr O’Connor.

“I’m dangerous it [the butt] became once soundless in my hand,” Stokes spoke back. “I hadn’t viewed the footage… it appears take care of I’ve performed one thing in opposition to the set aside.”

“You’ve got gotten a mission with your infuriate, don’t you?” Corsellis requested.

“No,” Stokes spoke back.

“You would possibly perchance perchance perchance even be trying to veil up your actions on memoir of you perceive you were offended with Mr Cunningham, are now not you?” Corsellis requested. “The CCTV reveals you being offended, would not it?”

“No,” Stokes spoke back.

Requested whether he became once “having a scrutinize down your nostril” at Mr Cunningham, Stokes spoke back he “can also true be having a scrutinize at the evening sky”. And when requested to whom he’ll be talking, Stokes spoke back “God”.

After more than two hours of incorrect-examination, an exhausted-having a scrutinize Stokes returned to the dock, lent abet in his chair, exhaled deeply after which held his head in fingers.

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The courtroom then heard a written observation from Nottinghamshire and England’s Jake Ball – and browse by Stokes’ QC, Gordon Cole – which described Stokes as in “a lawful mood”. Ball had been out with Stokes that evening in September, but returned to the team hotel earlier than the incident began.

“He became once in a lawful mood and in point of truth delighted to attain runs and dangle the sport,” Ball’s observation be taught. “It became once trade as traditional. It wasn’t a wild evening out.

“Ben became once relaxed. I would now not explain Ben became once below the impact of alcohol.”

The trial continues.

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