foot Mehndi DesignsOne of the modes of beautifying the feminine self is through the application of Mehndi. And while every woman urges for the best look, one method to achieve this is to make a selection of an exclusive mehndi design that is not common and has the ability to stand out.

There are millions of designs available on the internet but to achieve the touch of exclusivity, proper thinking is needed and to help you out, here are designs that can make you look classier and elegant than others.

1. The Mehndi for the BrideBeautiful feet Mehndi Designs

In the course of making a Mehndi design for the bride, it has to be ensured that the design is eye catching ,unique and capable of being singled out as the best.

Focus has to be placed on a design which is comprehensive and substantially enhances the charm of the bride. It is not necessary that the entire feet should be covered. The main target is the charm and full charm.

2. Go for a Design that is One-Sided

In this henna design, only half of the feet are covered. Definitely, this design creates the much-needed charm and is liked by girls.

3. Designs that Glitterglittery Mehndi Designs

There are times when the priority is to look flashy. In this case, it is advisable to use glitter to give the flashy look. Glitters of different colors are available for henna designs and you can add to the prettiness of the feet.

4. Round Designfeet Mehndi Designs
Round design can use as an option where the target is to look elegant without any gaudy effect. The great thing about this design is that it can be created with ease without depending on the expert or the artist.