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While there’s so much Arie Luyendyk Jr. and Lauren Burnham gentle need to figure out about their upcoming nuptials, they attain know they don’t are desperate to capture a date that interferes with The Bachelor‘s filming time table.

“We’re gentle first of all phases of the wedding planning,” Luyendyk Jr., 36, suggested PEOPLE as he and his fiancée attended the Lengthy Sea skedaddle Big Prix on Friday.

The escape car driver went on to dispute that they “are desperate to devise [the wedding] round The Bachelor time table” because even in the event that they acquire to wed “privately,” they want a technique that “the producers that indulge in been filming The Bachelor could gentle be there.”

“It would either [be] in September or after they procure performed filming, which is in the heart of November,” he stated. “We’re bouncing round tips and dates, and [Burnham’s] mom has been sizable life like with venues, so we are pleasurable getting to it.”

Even though the couple is starting up to hammer out the specifics of the forthcoming ceremony, Burnham, 26, is making a aware effort now not to procure too invested in the project.

“I don’t are desperate to position a range of planning into it or a range of effort, because I have confidence this could stress me out,” she suggested PEOPLE on Friday, adding that for now she and her fiancé are “kind of pleasurable venues in each put of residing” and “making an try to figure out the put we are desperate to procure married.”

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Nonetheless there is one factor that will complicate that resolution: their ever-expanding visitor list.

“The more and more we procure our list collectively, the larger the wedding is getting,” Luyendyk Jr. stated. “Factual now we are earn of going via the visitor list and it is already at 250.”

“We could for sure are desperate to pleasurable escape and escape, but all individuals knows that our of us wouldn’t want that,” he stated.

Talking with PEOPLE, Luyendyk Jr. additionally stated he used to be sorry for the social media backlash they purchased after he joked that Burnham used to be pregnant on April Fool’s Day.

“I feel love I pleasurable are desperate to voice sorry to all individuals,” he stated, noting that he “in point of fact didn’t have confidence that I was being insensitive.”

Luyendyk Jr. clarified that the April 1 announcement — made days after Burnham formally packed up her bags to transfer in with the used Bachelor in Scottsdale, Arizona — used to be a funny memoir now not long after first posting it.

Explaining why he decided to child round in the first put of residing, Luyendyk Jr. stated, “I have confidence it stemmed from a range of of us announcing, ‘Oh she indulge in to be pregnant! That’s the reason the ending came about the vogue that it came about.’ ”

“Of us stressed her a bit on social media about her wearing sizable sweaters and such, and there used to be this rumor mill about her being pregnant,” he stated.

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Serene: “It used to be a unsightly funny memoir and I doubtlessly shouldn’t indulge in performed that, but at the stop of the day all I will be succesful of attain is inform sorry.”

As for any Bachelor followers who gentle have confidence Luyendyk Jr.’s season used to be cross by his resolution to interrupt off his engagement to Becca Kufrin in define to pursue a relationship with Burnham, she doesn’t have confidence their actions procure them “unsightly of us.”

“If I indulge in been to voice something to the of us which indulge in a misunderstanding about the vogue that the characterize ended, I could presumably pleasurable uncover them that it is a misconception,” she suggested PEOPLE.

“I don’t have confidence that there could be any foundation gradual them taking into consideration that we are unsightly of us. Of us procure errors, and I have confidence that Arie used to be very ravishing with both me and Becca the total time,” she persevered.

“We didn’t traipse gradual any individual’s attend, and he pleasurable did his best with what he could.”

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