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Sourcegraph Server 2.four is here. It is now free for limitless customers and repositories, would maybe well be installed in minutes with a single docker escape stammer, and is smartly configurable within the original internet-basically based entirely keep admin. This free up furthermore involves many performance and malicious program fixes, plus a bigger interface for monitoring search outcomes.

Sourcegraph Server presents the flexibility of spacious code search to each developer at your firm, so you would possibly well presumably ship better code sooner. It runs securely to your individual community, takes 5 minutes to set up, and is modest to upgrade.

Ready to set up or upgrade? Install Sourcegraph Server 2.four. Modern Sourcegraph Data Center possibilities can upgrade now.

Key highlights of Sourcegraph Server 2.four:

More straightforward installation

We score now made it more uncomplicated than ever to initiate buying your code with Sourcegraph Server. Crawl this to initiate Sourcegraph Server on http://localhost:7080:

docker escape 
 --put up 7080:7080 --rm 
 --volume /tmp/sourcegraph/config:/and so forth/sourcegraph 
 --volume /tmp/sourcegraph/files:/var/decide/sourcegraph 

Gape the installation documentation for more files.

Free for limitless repositories and customers on a single server

Code search on Sourcegraph Server is now free on a single server for limitless repositories and customers. As you develop to an entire bunch or thousands of customers and repositories, graduate from the single-server deployment to a highly scalable Kubernetes cluster with Sourcegraph Data Center.

Gape our pricing internet page for more files.

More straightforward configuration

The original keep admin home makes it more uncomplicated for administrators to configure and tackle Sourcegraph Server. Location admins can click on Admin within the upper marvelous of any internet page to watch the positioning admin home.

From here, click on Configuration within the positioning admin menu to configure your Sourcegraph Server. The original in-app JSON keep config editor makes it easy to add repositories from GitHub, GitHub Enterprise, and other sources, configure SSO, and exchange other settings.


Gape the configuration documentation for more files, and scrutinize the plump configuration alternate choices.

Search interface improvements

We score now launched a cleaner, more intuitive search interface in Sourcegraph Server 2.four. Saved search scopes seem as buttons on the hunt homepage, replacing the outmoded scope dropdown. The selected scope is mirrored within the hunt bar as a part of the hunt seek files from.

Video display saved seek files from outcomes

Saved queries are valuable for keeping song of serious code changes. Now, you would possibly well presumably video display changes to your saved queries on the homepage. Adding a saved seek files from to the homepage shows the most fashionable resolution of outcomes and a graph of the resolution of outcomes over time. Whether or no longer it’s lint violations, safety vulnerabilities, or hacks, you would possibly well presumably now without problems video display changes to your code from the homepage.


It is possible you’ll now search over commit diffs utilizing the kind:diff operator in search queries. This helps developers:

  • debug components (“when used to be the parseDocument characteristic reliable changed?”)
  • favor components earlier than they seem (“what originate pull requests modify sensitive recordsdata?”)
  • internet utilization examples (“point to me a self-contained commit including a brand original internet page to our internet app”)
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Gape a pattern diff search on a public repository on


However that is no longer all! For the courageous, you would possibly well presumably search within commit diffs on lots of branches by specifying them in a repo: self-discipline after the @ worth. Gape non-master-department commits containing const in a public repository on, as an illustration. After the @, separate Git refs with :, specify Git ref globs by prefixing them with *, and exclude commits reachable from a ref by prefixing it with ^. We’ll enhance documentation as this characteristic nears free up.

Gape the documentation for more files.

Love diff search above, but exhaust kind:commit to seem inside commit messages. Gape all commits stating “malicious program” or “repair” in a public repository on, as an illustration.


Gape the documentation for more files.

New search filters: writer, committer, earlier than, after, and commit message

To affiliate with diff and commit search, we score added original search filters.

  • writer:name or writer:[email protected] to point to most attention-grabbing diffs or commits authored by that client (instance)
  • committer:name or committer:[email protected] (identical as above, but for the Git committer, which in most cases differs from the Git writer)
  • after:"three weeks within the past", earlier than:"june 25, 2017", earlier than:"reliable thursday", and so forth., to filter by commit date (instance)
  • message:"hello" to point to most attention-grabbing commits or diffs whose commit message (including the plump message body) contains “hello” (instance)

Gape the search documentation for all filters and seek files from tokens

Upgrade this day

Install Sourcegraph Server 2.four to lift highly advantageous code search to your developers.

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