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RICHIE: “Drag fee goes to carry a gargantuan hit with the Hales wicket. “

Whiteley to Hussain Talat, 2 runs, fleshy on heart stump, smacked to the leg aspect. However mistimed. The unhappy timing, truly, permits them to carry the 2d

Whiteley to Hussain Talat, 1 wide, honest length, but very wide outdoors off. The batsman would no longer disaster chasing it

Whiteley for his 1/three over. He is been pricey. Twenty 9 off the major two overs for him.


15 | three Runs 1 Wkt | IU: 126/three | RR: eight.forty

  • Asif Ali0 (2b)
  • Hussain Talat10 (8b)
  • Umar Gulthree-0-20-1
  • Mohammad IrfanFour-0-34-0

Umar Gul to Asif Ali, no speed, instant once extra. Pitches lawful outdoors off and lobs over Asif’s shoulder. He sways away on this event

Muhammad Kashif: “@Faiz Ahmad, No halestorm. Its the gulldozer who gets the easier of him.”

Umar Gul to Asif Ali, no speed, instant ball welcomes the new man in! Pitches on heart stump and soars over the batsman, who chooses to duck below this transport

Asif Ali at No. 5

Umar Gul to Hales, OUT, minimize, but straight to conceal! Sohaib the person there. Ethical length outdoors off, and he tries to muscle this in opposition to the on aspect. As straightforward as ABC for the fielder. A nice first day dash for Hales in PSL 2018

AD Hales c Sohaib Maqsood b Umar Gul forty six (33b 5×4 2×6) SR: 139.39

Obaid khan: “PZ fans dangle extra hobby in this match…. All of them prefer IU to determine this match.. alongside with me.”

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Umar Gul to Hussain Talat, 1 speed, fleshy on heart and leg, tries to crawl this in opposition to the leg aspect, but bottom edged to instant vivid leg

Umar Gul to Hales, 1 speed, fleshy lawful outdoors off, finally finally ends up and smashes past the non-striker to long on. Pollard there, who races across to his left and forestalls the ball

Umar Gul to Hussain Talat, 1 speed, aid of a length on leg stump, turned into off his pads to deep backward sq.


14 | 6 Runs | IU: 123/2 | RR: eight.78

  • AD Hales45 (31b)
  • Hussain Talateight (6b)
  • Mohammad IrfanFour-0-34-0
  • Umar Gul2-0-17-0

Mohammad Irfan to Hales, no speed, slower ball to whole the over. Ethical length on heart stump. Tapped aid to Irfan

Mohammad Irfan to Hales, no speed, fleshy and wide outdoors off. Pushed far off from his physique, but intercepted by conceal

Mohammad Irfan to Hales, FOUR, bent over instant vivid leg! Ethical length on leg stump, Hales swivels and pulls over the infield. Diminutive top edge, but he’ll carry it

Mohammad Irfan to Hales, no speed, cutter, instant on heart stump. Takes the sail off the ball because the transport angles across Hales. Poked in opposition to point this time

Mohammad Irfan to Hales, 1 speed, fleshy on leg stump. Tapped in opposition to the leg aspect for a speedy speed


Thirteen | 7 Runs | IU: 117/2 | RR: 9.00

  • Hussain Talat7 (5b)
  • AD Halesforty (26b)
  • Umar Gul2-0-17-0
  • RA Whiteley2-0-29-0

Umar Gul to Hussain Talat, no speed, honest length outdoors leg stump. Tries to flick down the leg aspect, the the batsman can’t flick. Allure for caught within the aid of turned into down, but what’s dazzling is the umpire would no longer name it a huge. Did the attraction distract the ump? Mhhm.

Umar Gul to Hussain Talat, FOUR, instant outdoors leg stump. Tries to pull but comes off the glove. Goes vivid down the leg aspect!

Umar Gul to Hales, 1 speed, fleshy and wide outdoors off. Mistimes the minimize to the person within the deep. The keeper misses the throw, and Irfan – backing up – misses as correctly! Irfan slid, truly. No hurt performed. They’d three men backing up.

Umar Gul to Hussain Talat, 1 speed, honest length on leg stump. Cramps the batsman for room. Chopped to 1/three man off the aid foot

Ronchi at the boundary: “I am lawful having stress-free right here. Making an strive to play with a smile on my face. I’ve been struggling in opposition to the spinners, so attempting to play better in opposition to the pacers. The PSL has been honest stress-free. Ethical to know new folks, new experiences. If we are able to fetch a hundred and seventy, It will most certainly be definitely nice. Need Halesy to enact what he’s doing honest now. I am one amongst the extinct guys, so I’ve loved studying from Waqar and Dean Jones.”

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